About Psychic Spies

Psychic Spies was created as a new artistic outlet for producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, Stephen Learson. The music is categorized as synth-pop and the first full length album, Coming In Hot, is a fresh sound sprinkled with a few 80's hits. "I wanted to create a world where I could be out of control and still feel safe."

The Psychic Spies sound combines synthesizer tones and textures from the last 5 decades. Songs use catchy dance beats and lyrical melodies to draw in the listener. Learson's obsession with vintage synthesizers doesn't hurt and he's always on the hunt for a new sound.

About Stephen Learson

Born and raised in West Chester, PA, Learson began classical piano lessons at the age of 7 with Mrs. Elaine Friedlander, whom he studied with until he was 18. At the age of 11 his appetite for different musical genres led him to piano instructor Robert Sottile. Under his guidance, Learson started to explore the world of composition, jazz and contemporary music. 

In 2001, Learson enrolled in the Berklee College of Music where he studied jazz with Ray Santisi, Bruce ThomasBruce Katz and Dave Limina. Those years were spent locked in small piano rooms where practice would span 18-hour days. During his time at Berklee, Learson started composing and arranging for orchestra, big-band, string quartet and many other combinations of instruments. He graduated with honors in 2005 with a BA in Contemporary Writing and Production.

After college Learson formed The Indobox, a dance-rock band who has released 4 albums and toured nationally. In spring of 2015, he will be embarking on a national tour with the talented and critically acclaimed rock band, Jimkata. Stephen also has an established private piano studio in Boston where he teaches extensively, and many of his students perform regularly. 

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